KB-3110 Waterproof USB Flexible Keyboard

  • Waterproof & dustproof design, easy to clean and wash

  • Waterproof & dustproof design, easy to clean and wash

CE/FCC/RoHs New Fashion Mini Wireless Foldable Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard,Flexible Easy Taken Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard


Part 1:Feature


1) Made of silicone, environmentally protective and ideal for resistance against 
drink or food spillage at home or at work 
2) Available for any color 
3) Moisture prevention: waterproof, ideal for use in advance, humid or even 
low-level water conditions 
4) Compact size: the ability to roll up the keyboard makes it one of the most 
space-saving computer peripherals on the market today 
5) Keyboard: the colorfast printed letters won't come off even after long period 
of time, no noise while typing 
6) With excellent softness, harmless to human body

8) Portable with the proper size to fold or roll 
9) Resistant to the water or dust 
10) Round shape design, easy to work on 
11) High durability: one million life cycles of keys 
12) Application: hospitals, offices, factories, labs, libraries, military usage, 
automotive industry, garages, medical and hospital workshops, mines, 
classrooms, restaurants, kitchens, kids' rooms, laptops, classrooms, mining 
and quarrying

13) Available in any layout/letter/language

14) Can be connected with iPad

15) Fashionable design with soft and comfortablt feeling

16) Passed certification of CE, ROHS and FCC, etc.



3110-23110-33110 slim31104










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